Marathon Spray Booths

Marathon Spray Booths has established a reputation for manufacturing high quality paint booths that out perform all our customer's expectations and have set benchmarks for environmental safety. We have more than 50 years of manufacturing and customer service experience that we put into every spray booth, oven and related product that we sell. Whether you’re searching for an Industrial paint booth, automotive refinishing booth or truck and heavy equipment booth, Marathon has a solution for you. Our self contained smaller booths do not require ducting and our portable paint booths are used by many types of companies for jobs like painting, grinding, powder coating and in industries from automotive to aerospace.

Marathon provides affordable products that work as hard as you do. We use US parts and components for all our booths and products. We offer complete service for all our products. You will find any type of spray booth that fits your needs including including cross flow or downdraft, indoor or outdoor. We stand by our clients and products with training and support to ensure that you remain our clients for the long term.











Spray Booth for Sale

The most basic decision when buying a spray booth is what type do you need? Asking yourself the following key questions will help you narrow down which paint spray booths will be right for your operation or business.

Cross Flow Paint Booths

In a cross flow paint booth, fresh air enters in through the unit doors in the entry and exhausted though the opposite end of the booth using a filter system. Cross Flow paint open face spray boothbooths are the most used style of booth for the automotive and truck industry as they are a very economic solution for most all local codes. Since the flow of air comes from the front and not the ceiling, the booth is manufactured without the upper plenum. This reduces the amount of materials needed to construct the booth. As the leading American spray booth manufacturer, Marathon is able to provide custom spray booth solution, deliver them and install them. We also provide support and maintenance.

Side Downdraft Paint Booth

A side downdraft or side draft paint booth has air flow from the ceiling and exhausts the air from the walls. The ceiling provides a double set of filters for fresh air and most of air is exhausted through the entire length of the booth’s walls. This type of paint booth provides a very even flow of air around the object and pulls overspray away from the finish to allow for an easy paint application with the least chance for surface contamination. The biggest disadvantage, as you might expect, is that it is the most expensive form of paint booth.

open face spray boothOpen Face Paint Booths
An open face paint booth is a very affordable and the most popular styles of paint booth. It draws air from the open front and then exhausts through filters in the back wall. As you might expect, it requies the least amount of materials to construct. A downside is that since the source of the air is not filtered, it allows contaminants to flow around the object being painted.

Semi Downdraft Paint Booths

The Semi Downdraft style of paint booth is another of the more controlled environments that provide great air flow removing contaminants and pulling over spray away from the object being painted. Air is doubled filtered as it enters thru the ceiling in the front of the booth. It is drawn thru the booth to the rear corners and filtered as it is exhausted. This style booth is also more expensive as it requires an upper plenum but the results are well worth the little extra cost.

Reverse Flow Paint Booths

reverse flow spray boothA reverse flow paint booth is one of the favorite styles of environments for professional shops. It provides one of the best air filtration as it is done at the front (entrance to the booth) which sucks any dust that might enter the booth when the doors are open. The filtered air enters from the rear walls. This is an excellent system for the best finishes.